User Quotes

“Great Product! I am a photography student at UCLA extension, and this product saves me lots of time since I don’t have any html knowledge…you guys rock!!!”


“What an awesome program. This is by far the most intuitive web gallery generator I’ve ever tried. I’ll definitely spread the words to others about this program.”


“This program is just what we were looking for. My sales team takes pictures of marketing displays and sales material whenever they run into them. These pictures are now made available for marketeers in The Netherlands to see what others are doing in the field.

The sales team is sending the pictures to me via email, I load them in Iphoto and use Web Photos Pro to add the title, keywords and date. Uploading and we’re done.”


“Right now I have 32 albums and 1837 pictures!!”

David Overholt

Great software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw in one of the example galleries that once you click on an image to see it, it says under the image “Taken with a Canon XXX, and then you can click on it and see more info about the camera.

I love this!